Professional Locksmith Services for Residential and Commercial Customers

Sur-Com Tech offers a wide range of residential and commercial locks, keys, keyless access systems, door hardware and automotive security, providing both on-site and mobile locksmith services for residents and businesses in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding areas.

Sur-Com Tech is committed to helping residential and business customers secure what’s most important to them - for both professional installation services and emergency calls for situations that need immediate attention.


Residential Locksmith Services

We rekey, install and repair all manner of residential locks. This includes everything from the typical key-in-knob locks, to deadbolts, three-point latching devices and much more. Our highly trained technicians can service your locks, keys, automobile, safe, and doors at your home. Our residential locksmith specialties include:

  • Duplicating Keys
  • Re-Keying Locks
  • Repairing Locks
  • Repairing Doors and Frames
  • Installing Deadbolts and Doorknobs
  • Installing High Security Deadbolts and Door Strikes

Commercial Locksmith Services

The locksmithing professionals at Sur-Com Tech can provide commercial and industrial customers in Cincinnati, OH with specialized services tailored directly to your industry or application. Our commercial locksmith services include:

  • Commercial Grade Locksets
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Restricted / High Security Key Systems
  • Master Key Systems
  • Electronic Access Systems
  • Power Door Openers
  • Door and Frame Repair / Replacement
  • Impact Door Repair
  • Heavy Duty Door Closers
  • Fire Rated Exit Devices
  • Desk and File Cabinet Locks

Emergency Locksmith Services

We respond quickly to auto lockouts, building lockouts and emergency repairs. We know that accidents happen, and we know you want them resolved fast so you can move on with your day!

Apartment and Condominium Complexes

We create and maintain MasterKey Systems and respond quickly to calls for service, so building managers can keep their operations running smoothly and keep their units occupied.

Access Control Systems

Sur-Com Tech offers electronic and mechanical access control solutions for your Cincinnati, OH home or business. We can perform installations of any size and scope, from one door to hundreds.

A professionally installed access control system gives you complete control over who has access to a specific door(s), and when they have access. Some access control packages also include smartphone applications that enable remote management. All access control applications are unique, so please contact us to arrange an on-site consultation.


Sur-Com Tech provides card printing and badging services for business customers in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area. If you would like a professional looking ID for your employees with your company logo, or a sturdy visitor’s badge for guests, we can handle your badging needs in any quantity.

Safes and Vaults

We also service safes and vaults including the following:

  • Lock Services
  • Combination Changes
  • Digital Lock Conversions
  • Safe Openings

Automotive Locksmith Services

Our automotive locksmith services are wide ranging. From opening locked cars to servicing complicated transponder keys, we are able to help! provide:

  • Lockout Services
  • Locks Repaired or Replaced
  • Keys Duplicated and Programmed
  • Keys Made by Code
  • Remote Starters for Most Vehicles
  • Motorcycle Keys
  • And more!

Secure Your Home or Business with Sur-Com Tech

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We Are Locksmithing Professionals

Sur-Com Tech has an experienced team of locksmiths ready to help when needed. In the event of an emergency, just call us and one of our professional locksmiths will be dispatched immediately to assist you with your issue. Sur-Com Tech is fully insured to ensure that we are in compliance with regulations in the Cincinnati, OH area.

If you ever have questions about home, automotive, or commercial security, we’re here to provide the answers! We specialize in providing the hardware and systems to help you protect your most important assets. We provide customized security solutions tailored to your specific needs, and we will work within your budget to tailor a security plan just for you. And at Sur-Com Tech, we are all about service! We pride ourselves in providing the best locksmithing and security services in the Cincinnati, OH area.

Whenever you need us, we can assist you with changing out your locks, re-keying your home or office, installing safes, unlocking your vehicle and making keys for your car, home or business. We have helped thousands of Cincinnati, OH customers in all types of situations. Our goal is always to provide quick and efficient service for you, your family or your business!

Support for Projects of Any Size

Our commercial team takes pride in delivering custom locksmithing solutions to business owners in the Cincinnati, OH area – offices, retail, warehouses, banks, schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities of all sizes. Whatever your access control needs are, we can deliver a customized solution that fits your application and your budget. Our trained technicians will visit your place of business to perform a thorough walkthrough and evaluation, and will work with your team to design a secure access control system that’s tailored to your specifications.

What is Access Control?

An electronic access control system uses technology to eliminate the security risks posed by mechanical locks and keys. The system grants access based on a credential that is presented, usually an electronic “key card” that is swiped or held over a card reader. When access is granted, the door is unlocked for a predetermined time, and the transaction is recorded in the system’s event log. If the access credential is not valid and access is refused, the door remains locked and the attempted access event is recorded. The access control system also monitors the door, and will sound an alarm if the door is forced open, or held open for too long after being unlocked.

Improve Security at Home

Many people consider access control systems to be beneficial only in a business environment – but access control can be a useful security tool in the home as well. You can utilize access control solutions to help keep the main entry and exit points of your home secure. And you can even tailor an access control system to control various parts of your home. For example, if you have a safe in your closet that you would like to restrict access to, installing an access control terminal in that room can be beneficial. Similarly, if there are rooms of your home that you’d want to keep children out of, such as your home office, access control terminals can help here as well.

Additionally, access control systems could make it easy for a friend or neighbor who is watching your home for you when you go out of town. Instead of needing to give them a key to your home and worrying about them duplicating the key, you can give them their own temporary access code, which automatically expires when you return home from your business trip or vacation, at a predetermined time that you specify.

Eliminate Unauthorized Access

Preventing unauthorized access is the most significant benefit of an access control system. Unauthorized access gained through unsecured entry points is a significant problem for businesses, because it puts your employees at risk of physical harm and your assets and inventory at risk of theft. You can use an access control system to prevent intruders from entering your place of business, or to prevent your employees from entering sensitive areas of the building. Even if you feel like you live in a safe area or that you can trust your employees, you can never be too cautious. Working with Sur-Com Tech to install even a basic access control system can go a long way toward protecting your Cincinnati, OH business.

Improve Employee Safety and Productivity

By keeping unauthorized persons out, your employees will be much safer in your office, warehouse or any other facility. And they likely will feel much safer at your place of business, knowing that they are protected by a professional access control system. So your employees can focus on their job roles, without worrying about security risks caused by unauthorized entry.

In addition, a professional access control solution can enable you to track employee whereabouts and movements, so that you can see how often they leave their workstation and where they’re going. Employers may find that this can increase employee productivity.

And if you have a security team, a quality access control solution will provide them with convenient and straightforward administrative management of employee credentials, status, and access rights, along with card status and replacement.

Enhance Security for Sensitive Areas

There likely are areas of your facility that contain sensitive equipment, documents or data. As a business owner, you need to be particularly mindful of who has access to these areas. If the wrong person gets access to equipment or sensitive information, this can represent significant risk to your business – so it’s best to be safe when it comes to protecting these critical areas. A professional access control system enables you to add or revoke access privileges to these areas for any employee, at any time. Consider installing access control in:

  • Human Resources Areas
  • Research Labs
  • Server Rooms
  • Records Rooms
  • Cash Offices
  • Product Development Areas


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